Currently, fire permitting in Whanganui is carried out by the Whanganui District Council.  Apply for a Fire Permit (external link)

Fires that do not require a fire permit in a Restricted or Prohibited Fire Season include:

  • A fire in an incinerator of a type approved by the Council
  • A fire in a barbecue under continuous supervision
  • A traditional cooking fire under continuous supervision
  • A fire in a ‘Brazier’, with a catchment tray, or on a non-flammable surface, under continuous supervision

Provided the following conditions are met:

  1. There shall be no smoke or odour at or beyond the property boundary which, in the opinion of any Council officer, is objectionable; and
  2. The burning of accelerants such as tyres and plastics, and green vegetation is prohibited; and
  3. The fire shall be situated at least three metres from any fence, live hedge, combustible material, building or neighbours property boundary; and
  4. No fire under clause shall be lit before sunrise or allowed to continue to burn after sunset; and
  5. Adequate means are available to extinguish and prevent the spread of fire; and
  6. No fire shall be lit while a strong wind is blowing or when conditions are such that the fire is likely to spread beyond the limits of the premises.

For permits contact Wanganui Fire Permit Services and ask to be added to Mick Hills' fire permit list.
06 348 0103